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Will Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs in Soon?

Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs

In the household, the LED is already commonplace. In an automobile, The situation is completely different. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have a competition for the best-LED headlights in recent years. But the vehicles like VW Golf still come from the factory with halogen lamps.

Now we can see some car lighting solution companies develop led headlight conversion kits. This kind of product designed according to how halogen filament emitting. Theoretically, they work with reflector headlight. Because with a headlight, the light source is precisely matched to the lenses and reflectors, so that the light arrives exactly where it belongs on the street. It requires some tricks to bring a punctiform light source such as the LED to the same radiation behavior as a uniformly transmitting in all directions lamp. This is taken into account during the design of the LED headlight. Another challenge is that LEDs on the backside get hot, so the heat has to be dissipated differently. In addition, the lower voltage LED requires a driver, which must be accommodated in a tight space.


The Advantage of Led Car Lights

LEDs in headlamps are not only more durable, but they also continue to shine and their whiter light ensures that contrasts are better perceived. The LED lamps could even shorten the braking distance of the following vehicle. The brake light reacts faster, so the subsequent driver can react earlier.

Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs

Is There ECE Approved Led Headlight Conversion Kit?

Headlights, brake lights and everything that lights up on the car belongs to the “lighting equipment”. In order for these devices to be installed on a car, they are generally type-approved in connection with the associated bulbs. Subsequent changes to this lighting equipment will invalidate this type of approval. So it is impossible to find the true ECE Approved led headlight because they are required to get verified with the headlamp.


How can You Tell if a 9004 Led Bulb is Safe for traffic? (Not Legal, Just Safe)

1, After installing 9004 led headlight bulb, your headlight should emit a standard light beam pattern with a clear cut-off line. The led headlight should shine the light just like the original bulb with hotspot and no added glare. Hotspot means stronger lighting in the center so the lighting can reach a far distance.

2, The light beam should be wider as well. Or while you are driving at night, Pedestrians suddenly ran out from both sides of the road, you need to notice quickly and brake your car for avoiding a serious accident.

3, The led headlight bulb should have a good cooling system. Or while it fails in the headlamp, it is possible to burn your headlamp.

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