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Why do We Need LED bulbs for Cars?

LED bulbs for Cars

In matters of replacing, the main attention usually paid to the system of warning lights of the car. This result is not surprising, because the incandescent practice is of poor quality, often fail and create a lot of problems for the motorist. Another thing is the LED bulbs on cars. They are reliable, have a bright glow, have the maximum resource, and other positive qualities. All that remains is the question of how to choose the necessary products so that they fit the connector, dimensions, and quality.

LED bulbs for Cars

Why do we need LED bulbs for cars?

To begin with, decide what goals you are pursuing when replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Some motorists dream of decorating the car. Others try to save battery power. The third just got tired of changing burned out bulbs and so on. There are many options, but the main reasons are always associated with the advantages of LED bulbs. There are several of them:

  • They produce more lighting per watt of power. As a result, the efficiency of each particular bulb is much higher;
  • LEDs can work without heating up, which incandescent bulbs cannot boast. It is enough to recall several Chinese cars in which plastic melts from ordinary bulbs (for example, in sidelights);
  • LED bulbs for cars can significantly change the appearance of the car for the better. Simply replacing an 1156 led bulb in your car, they will look bright, modern and are able to decorate even a domestic car;
  • with the help of new products, the quality of lighting is improved, and the visibility of the light lights of your car to other participants in the movement improves;
  • LEDs “live” much longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs and have better resistance to vibration;
  • modern bulbs have a moisture-proof housing that eliminates any negative effects of moisture;
  • Improved response characteristics contribute to the LED being lit 0.2-0.3 seconds earlier than a conventional incandescent bulb. Taking an 1157 led bulb for turn signal light, this can protect against a collision with another car.

LED bulbs for Cars

LED Bulbs for a Car: Benefit or Harm?

With the advantages and features of the choice of modern sources, we figured out. But how safe are the LEDs for the eyes? There is one interesting study. In it, Spanish experts concluded that prolonged exposure to LED light could cause blindness. This result explained by the peculiarity of the glow of modern bulbs, which is a special way that affects the retina and can damage it.
But these studies were conducted not on an automobile, but household LEDs. As for the less powerful light sources in cars, their effect on the human eye is so miserable that it can even ignore.
There are more serious points that make you abandon the alterations. First of all, this is the price. On average, a good LED will cost 20-30 times more expensive than a standard incandescent bulb, and sometimes even more. So for many motorists, the initial cost is too high. Also, LEDs must provide a special operating current. In some cases, a resistor may solve the problem. In more complex situations, you can not do without additional electronics – current sources.
The installation of LED bulbs on the car is no big deal. All that required you to decide on the necessary size, analyze your budget, and carefully consider the choice of LEDs. Remember that new light bulbs must be suitable for the cap, dimensions, and rated current.

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