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Where to Buy the Replacement H11 Led Bulb

Where to Buy the Replacement Led Bulb

Before buying a replacement car light, you have to identify which are the light bulb sockets. H1, H3, H7 … the H4 are the bulbs that have high low beam together.


Legal Option. High-Performance Halogen Bulbs

And then you have a legal replacement light bulb and illegal light bulb on the road. The right ones go through buying high-performance halogen bulbs. Take an example, the Philips Xtreme power, and the Osram night breaker.

If Installing in my car, I will choose to carry some Xtreme power (H4), and the improvement will be noticeable. The Philips promise that they light up 100% more than a standard halogen that is a double lighting output and double brighter. Some people think this is a joke, but still, the change is noticeable. I can tell you; it is about about 30% or 40% brighter, which is not little. You can’t find a better solution for halogen technology. Because the halogen light bulb will heat more f give more brightness, and finally the light bulb will burn out. The downside of these lamps is that when they reach higher temperatures, they also usually last less time. These are the legal options.

Philips Xtreme power

Illegal Option, Bigger Working Power Halogen Bulbs

Then, there is an unofficial option, and what you can do is buy halogen bulbs with more significant working power and, therefore, higher luminosity. The regular bulb in a car is 55 watts per bulb, and the bigger one is 60 watts. Some people put 100-watt bulbs out there and give twice as much light.

This has many problems: if you “get caught” you do not pass the ITV, they can fine you for taking them. And finally, in my opinion, the worst thing is that they heat up for having twice the power and the headlight plastic burns quickly becoming opaque and losing properties, which will eventually ruin the headlights of the car.

Where to Buy the Replacement Led Bulb

Illegal Option, Xenon Headlights

Ther is another option you have, which is to install some xenon headlights. Xenon headlights are another type of technology. Xenon headlight is more effective with less electricity consumed. It generates more light than halogen. It has much less heat loss. It is a cold light because it does not heat the headlamp, so the plastic of the headlight will last longer in optimal conditions.

Xenon kits are usually 35 watts and give much more light than a 55-watt halogen. It is also a white light, although there are different colors 4300K ​​(white with yellow shades) 5000K (pure white, like sunlight) 6000K (bluish white) 8000K (bluish) 12000K (violet).

Cars that carry factory xenon usually use 4300K ​​or 5000K color temperature.

As I said above, you can buy a xenon kit for 50 dollars or less on eBay. If you know something about DIY, you can install it in the car, and when you drive at night, you will think about “God said: let there be light.”

This is illegal too. The ITV does not pass, and the police can fine you for carrying these types of lights since if you place them wrong, you will be dazzling the rest of the drivers.


Illegal Option, H11 Led Bulbs

Led headlight bulbs are getting popular in recent years. It is energy-saving, low power and emits brighter lighting compared to a halogen bulb. It is cold light as well, so we don’t need to worry. It will ruin the headlight. But car headlight is designed following halogen bulb but not led lamp. So an H11 led bulb installed in reflector headlight won’t emit regular light beam but a messed light beam pattern. So it is also not allowed to use on the road but just for off-road. Although without DOT Approved, many people still use them on the car lights. You can find these kinds of led bulbs on eBay or Amazon, and they sell around 50 dollars a kit. If you are interested in buying H11 led bulbs for your car, you can find the bulbs on with wholesale price.


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