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What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs?

What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs

Before purchasing new bulbs for the headlamps, check whether the reflectors accommodate H3 bulbs or designed for other halogen bulbs with just one filament. The sockets of H1 lamps, H7 lamps, and H11 bulbs are not compatible with the plugs for H3 led bulb. Only lights that intend for the respective vehicle model may use.


Know the Difference

In the search for the right lamp, the customer confronts with advertising terms of the manufacturers. Designations such as Nightbreaker and Xtreme Vision sound pithy but say little about the properties and qualities of the H3 bulbs. A comparison of the technical data helps even more. What are the values ​​for illuminance, luminance, lumen, and color temperature? We don’t know this data. Here I will suggest you check some product review videos on Youtube, and they will test and make a comparison so we can understand their difference.

What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs

Choose the Performance or Lifespan

Some H3 bulbs offer a particularly long operating time, while others advertise with higher luminosity. For which one should the driver decide? It depends on personal preferences. The age of the driver and the driving style also play a role in the decision. If you value the maximum economy, you can use Longlife H3 bulbs. The long lifetime of Longlife lamps makes them particularly economical. H3 high-performance bulbs shine up to 150% brighter than conventional H3 bulbs. The gain in light and safety pay for with slightly shorter service life. High-intensity H3 bulbs recommend for older drivers and drivers with a sporty driving style.


Buy A Pair and Change A Pair

H3 bulbs usually sell in pairs. If you want to renew the low beam and the high beam in your vehicle, you need four H3 bulbs and therefore have to buy two kits. As the low beam is used more frequently in road traffic, the H3 bulbs in these reflectors are more likely to fail. H3 bulbs must always change in pairs. If, for example, the lamp in the left reflector of the dipped beam fails, the bulb in the right reflector should also be changed. In this way, the driver benefited from two new lamps, which throw an identical light in the same light color.

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