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What Should I Consider When Buying H1 Led Bulb

What Should I Consider When Buying Led Bulb

Welcome to our blog. We clarify why quality first when buying headlight bulbs. Because cheap led headlight bulbs are often at the expense of safety, sufficient visibility is not guaranteed, especially at night. The light bulb is often misaligned because the filament inside the bulbs themselves is poorly positioned and can cause dazzling oncoming traffic. If the headlamps are set too low, the light will not reach far enough to see the oncoming lane.

Also, the purchase of low-priced products will not pay off in the long term, as fewer items need to purchase in a short time due to lower shelf life. Quality headlamps, on the other hand, have pure radiance and often last twice as long or three times as long as cheap headlamps.


What is H1 Longlife Bulbs

H1 Longlife Bulbs means lamps with an unusually long burning time. The minimum requirement for long life lights is a life of 1,000 hours. Longlife views are usually slightly more expensive than the standard models. In the H1 test, the Philips LongLife EcoVision * has achieved the best result in the long-term test. But even the winner of Philips does not need to hide in the durability.


What is H1 performance bulbs

H1 performance bulbs promise maximum brightness. It also improves the range of the headlights. The driver can react faster and reduces the risk of accidents. However, the increased light output leads to a shortened life on some models. At our winner in the Philips H1 headlight bulb test, we could not find a shortened life.

Philips H1 headlight bulb

What is H1 Bluelight or Whitelight Bulbs

Some manufacturers also offer H1 Bluelight or Whitelight lamps. These products, as the name already suggests, a slightly bluish and whiter light than the standard version. With the coloring, the light of xenon or LED bulb imitates. In principle, cold light has a better effect on the human eye than warm, yellowish light and is thus better suited to driving on the road.


How to Install H1 Led Bulbs

To use the H1, open the hood of your vehicle in the first step. Then the outer cover of the dipped beam can be removed. Depending on the model, the cover can be turned counterclockwise and pulled off using tabs. Now the two-pin connector can be removed from the lamp so that the light can then remove. In most cases, a retaining clip must remove for this purpose, which can be dismantled by a slight compression of the bracket. Make sure that the lamp does not fall out during this step and breaks if necessary.

What Should I Consider When Buying Led Bulb

Now the new H1 led bulb can be used. When installing, it is important not to touch the led chips on the bulb body and thus shorten life.

The previous steps can now repeat in reverse order. The nose of the H1 must point upwards during installation. While refastening the retaining clip, make sure that the H1 is in the anchorage and can not fall out. Hold it with one finger in position.

Then plug in the two-pin plug and close the protective cover with a turn or a click.

Close the hood of your vehicle and do the H1 test by checking the low beam for proper function and fit.

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