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Top 9004 Led Bulbs Worth Buying on the Market

9004 Led Bulbs

The correct and efficient operation of vehicle lighting is of utmost importance. Far from the last role is played by the type of light bulbs used. And recently, there has been an active transition not only to car owners but also to automakers themselves to LED optics.

Many cars that do not even belong to the segment of expensive models already offered from the factory with a set of headlights based on LED light bulbs. They have several advantages, although they have some disadvantages.

Even if the car from the factory does not equip with such Led lights, this does not prevent the car owner from switching to standard or modern halogen light bulbs, xenon or incandescent bulbs to more modern and efficient LED bulbs.

9004 Led Bulbs

Top 9004 Led Bulbs on the Market

In the last subcategory of the rating, the top of the best-LED light bulbs for passenger cars and not only with a base 9004 presented.

Such socles used for reflective headlights. One spiral is responsible for the dipped beam, and the second for the main beam. They used the work of head automotive optics.

– M3 9004 LED Bulb. A very popular model in the United States market. M3 is due to the low cost and high enough performance. We are talking about a simple set consisting of 2 light bulbs with a power of 40 W each and a power of 4000 lumens. This result is an excellent alternative to any halogen. One light bulb immediately includes eight pieces of ZES LEDs. Led lights provide high efficiency under any conditions. A fan and an aluminum radiator built into the case, which guarantees high-quality cooling.

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M3 9004 LED Bulb

– IPF 9004 Led Bulb. Imported analog of the previous kit, but with an even more attractive price tag. This IPF is a pair of LED light bulbs enclosed in a rugged housing. The Led light provides high-quality operation of the main beam headlights, having a brightness of 3800 lumens. In addition to the aluminum case, it is worth noting the presence of a ventilation system. The set characterized by good resistance to shock and other loads. It is important to make the correct settings. Otherwise, there is a risk of dazzling oncoming traffic.

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IPF 9004 Led Bulb

– Carid G8 LED. A set of LEDs characterized by high brightness and rich, luminous flux. It does not leave blind spots, excellently manifests itself in night driving conditions. The manufacturer has provided a long service life, which is 50 thousand hours for each diode. The case is protected, equipped with a sophisticated cooling system.

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Carid G8 LED.

– Philips X-Treme Ultion. And again, this manufacturer, but already with light bulbs for the base 9004. A much more expensive kit compared to previous options. At the same time, the price is fully consistent with everything that the consumer receives for this money. Excellent brightness indicators, the ability to create a project template, adjusting the projection without spots. Objectively, one of the best kits that can install for the low and high beam. But there is a problem of incompatibility with some models of vehicles.

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Philips X-Treme Ultion

Before switching to cars on LED optics, it is worth considering some legal points. The legislation of the Russian Federation provides that a driver may be deprived of their rights for 6-12 months if a variation of the lighting Led light that is not appropriate for the type of headlights or reflector installed on his vehicle.

When buying LEDs, be sure to take only those Led lights that emit white. Also, pay attention to the presence of HCR or HR markings. They say that from the factory, it is possible to use LEDs on your vehicle.

When choosing high-quality LEDs, pay particular attention to compatibility issues. To do this, select the Led light according to the socle, design features, and sizes. Make sure that such Led lights are approved for use, and do not act as a cheap Chinese fake. If you choose between Cree and CSP diodes, the latter is better in practice, although the former is more affordable.

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