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The Varieties and Application of Car Light Bulbs

Car Light Bulbs

Manufacturers offer an extensive range of bulbs based on LEDs or LED technology. They differ among themselves in the manufacturer, build quality, power, dimensions, design features, etc.

If we talk about cars, but in the design of the car, there are various places and socles where you can install the brightest or most economical LED bulbs. Before you purchase a light bulb, it is important to understand what exactly you need for each specific situation.

The answer to the question of which LED bulbs will be better to buy in a particular situation for a car depends on the tasks and the specific situation. The same bulbs cannot use in backup light and headlight. Here, different light bulbs with corresponding characteristics and capabilities are required.

Car Light Bulbs

The Varieties of Car Light Bulbs

Several principles and signs distinguish LED bulbs. Namely:

  • Bulb base type;
  • Where to use;
  • Type of LED;
  • Bulb class (from economy to premium).

Manufacturers use various LEDs and circuits based on LEDs. If you want to get the most brightly shining LED bulbs for various cars, then several options of light bulbs like Cree, SMD, or COB are applied. Such diodes provide the brightest glow, which allows you to install them in the head optics, fog, etc.

The design of many LED bulbs provides an additional cooler that provides active cooling of the radiator.

Output type LEDs and SMD light bulbs are most often used to provide interior illumination, are installed as dimensions, brake lights mounted to illuminate the dashboard, etc. These are special diodes to the interior that do not differ in excessively bright light but guarantee stability, efficiency, and long service life.

Car Light Bulbs

The Application of Car Light Bulbs

Several types of LEDs can be distinguished, depending on their area of ​​application relative to vehicles.

  • Car Low Beam headlight bulbs. They are designed to provide highly efficient lighting of the roadway, surpassing halogen analogs in these parameters. They do not emit yellowishly, but purer light.
  • High beam headlight bulbs. Like a light bulb for providing long-distance illumination of the road, LEDs are excellent. The design provides for a miniature LED panel, which without any problems, placed in the reflector used on modern vehicles.
  • The third type is special signal bulbs and sidelights. Their distinguishing feature is low power consumption with high energy efficiency. Such lights are visible in daylight conditions, that is, during daylight hours, and they are also well visible at night or in poor lighting conditions.
  • Fog bulbs. They characterized by increased energy efficiency against the background of halogen analogs. They require less electricity from the on-board network while providing clean and high-quality light for a long operational period.
  • LEDs for the interior. The same tapes based on LED technology are actively used to decorate the interior of a car because they can provide a wide RGB spectrum of glow. Also, LEDs can provide illumination of the dashboard, control buttons, etc.

When choosing LED bulbs for your vehicle, you should pay special attention to the base. Normal 921 led bulb is used on the car rear reverse light, while 9007 led bulbs used on car headlight for high low beams. Regard to the Types of car bulbs, you can refer to this article:

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