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The Types and Sockets of Car Light Bulbs

Car Light Bulbs

There is a fairly wide variety of sockets that are used to install LED lighting and illumination light bulbs. But not all of them are universal.

Understand the socket of the application of LED auto light bulbs. It is imperative to understand the types of sockets and understand in which situations each of them used.

Car Light Bulbs

  • 912 Led Bulb. A fairly common base for cars. It serves to install LED-type auto light bulbs in the rear reverse bulb for illuminating the lighting for you to reverse your car at night. Offered in a wide range of colors, but most of the people buy white color, they are in high demand. These light bulbs have a T15 base. Most often, this base comes with SMD LEDs.
  • T10 or W5W. This base used for installation in position light bulbs, direction indicators, interior lighting, illumination of the luggage compartment, license plate, etc. light bulbs differed in the presence of two contacts for connection. It made based on various LEDs, including mixed ones. The type T10 base also includes Festoon light bulbs. These LEDs widely used in providing vehicle interior lighting. Each Festoon type light bulb has a connector to which any fist is connected to 31, 36, or 41 mm.
  • 1156 and 1157. A couple more common sockets for LED light bulbs. Most often used when installing diodes in dimensions, turn signals, and brake lights. Under the cap, 1156 used automotive single-contact light bulbs P21W. Light bulbs may vary in the location of the tabs for fixing. Under the cap, 1157 fit light bulbs P21 and 5W. They are already two-contact, all of their series are analogs of single-contact light bulbs. Used in the rear brake lights. SMD diodes and super bright light bulbs use as a light source.
  • H1, H3, H4, HB3, HB4, H7, H11. Such sockets actively used when equipping LED headlight bulbs. Each base has its distinctive features and may vary depending on the particular vehicle. Therefore, when replacing such light bulbs, the motorist is required to know which particular base is relevant for his vehicle. Another thing to consider is the need for a trick.

Car Light Bulbs

Modern LED light bulbs are also commonly divided into single-beam and double-beam. The first category includes sockets of the type H1, H3, H7, H8, H11, etc. light bulbs with two beams or double beam have sockets H4, H13, and others.

To make it easier for the motorist to choose the right LED for his car, it is recommended to look into the technical documentation and study the operation manual. If necessary, you can always consult a car led light specialist ( or consult a representative of an authorized dealer.

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