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The Best H8 Led Bulbs in 2019

H8 Led Bulbs

Among the most popular socles rightly include H4, H7, and H11. It is they who are most often interested in motorists, and many manufacturers are in a hurry to offer their options in these categories.
Therefore, in the current rating among LED car bulbs, the best representatives were collected in three categories according to the type of cap. The selection of candidates was carried out based on feedback from direct consumers, the opinion of specialized specialists who are involved in the installation and maintenance of optics in motor vehicles.
According to relying only on ratings, it is impossible to say which bulbs will be better and more correct to buy for your car, since LED bulbs do not always and not in all situations act as optimal and allowed solutions. First, consider the possibility and legality of such an installation.
If diodes with the indicated socles H4, H7 or H11 are suitable for your vehicle, then be sure to study the rating of the best-LED bulbs, which you can later purchase and install on your car. With the existing disadvantages, LED bulbs are ready to offer an extensive list of advantages.

H8 Led Bulbs

Best bulbs with the H8 base

A similar base has been widely used in the work of head bulbs, as well as in foglights. In some situations, it can use as part of near lensed lighting.
According to specialists and ordinary owners of passenger cars, the best-LED car bulbs using the H8 base currently represented by the following models:

  • X-Treme Ultinon from Philips distinguished by an intense beam, capable of increasing power by an impressive 200%. The glow temperature is 6000 K, Luxeon technology is used, which allows you to create a white beam that is as close as possible to the characteristics of daylight. The model mainly used for headlight operation. Namely, far, near, and additional distant. (Produce Source:

X-Treme Ultinon

  • Atom-E H8 led bulb from LedoAuto. If you are counting on a relatively small budget, you should take a closer look at this model. At a reasonable cost, the consumer receives bright radiation, customization options, which the vast majority of LED bulbs do not have in this price category. There is a cooling system, a waterproof surface, an extremely simple interface for installation. But compatibility can cause problems on some cars. After a long service life, the flicker begins. (Produce Source:

Atom-E H8 led bulb

  • X2 Series H8 led bulb manufactured by IPF. Good LEDs generate pure white light. The diodes do not heat up, due to the presence of a built-in cooling radiator capable of continuous operation for 20 thousand hours. Installation on any vehicle takes a matter of minutes. Japanese experts make the bulk of the components of the model. Lenses made based on fiber optics. The model is available with two lighting options and can be 5100 or 4200K. As a result of long-term operation, flicker begins, and the brightness indicators of the glowing fall. (Produce Source:

X2 Series H8 led bulb

Proven and well-proven bulbs. If you are interested in the best and most high-quality LED bulbs for your car that have an H8 base, be sure to pay attention to the presented bulbs.

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