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How to Install 9006 Bulb in Car Headlight?

Install the Light Bulb

Being able to have long-lasting light bulbs in your car could be the solution to avoid fines for lack of proper lighting of the vehicle.

In this sense, some light bulbs undoubtedly have positioned themselves in the market as ones of high durability and quality, thanks to their composition being the famous 9006, characterized by offering you an intense light and capable of lighting enough while you use them.

It should note that if you have already purchased yours, you could easily verify the correct way to use them to avoid inconveniences during assembly if you decide to do it on your own.


Unpack the Bulbs Carefully

In the case of some car bulbs, the most prudent when unpacking is to avoid making any sudden movement that can cause an accident, such as breaking them.

Depending on how they supplied, we advise you to open the box carefully and take them out just when you decide to assemble them for greater security.

Install the Light Bulb

Install the Light Bulb

Maybe you can take the lamps to the car repair store and ask them to help you install them in your vehicle. But we will suggest you save this expense and change the light by yourself. Well, you can find many instructions telling you how to change the headlight bulb step by step.

If deciding to change by yourself, first of all, you will have to know the type of headlight bulb that your car used. Besides, check if the headlight of your vehicle has some protective rubber moisture or sealing cover. Finally, you should find out how to disconnect the wires, making sure you do not run any risk with the electrical circuit.

Next, look at the connection of the bulb that mounted in your car, check if there is a clip or metal wire that firmly holds the bulb. You should remove this hold (socket), and then remove the bulb.

In this way, it will be time to assemble the new 9006 bulbs. To do this, you must take into account the tabs that indicate the position in which you should hook them with the wire or clip that we mentioned above so that you can leave them well secured, each in the corresponding focus. Already the last step left would be to reconnect the clamp and, therefore, the protective rubber that you had initially removed to be able to mount the bulb in place.

According to experts in the field, they recommend avoiding direct contact of the bulbs with your fingers, especially if they are a halogen bulb.


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