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H7 Bulbs Buying Guide and Reviews in 2019

Car Light Bulbs Buying Guide

A car headlight bulb is essential for your driving safety. Regular maintenance of your car headlight is necessary. The standard H7 bulbs have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years at an average mileage and depending on the number of night driving. The H7 bulb in your car headlight is dim, or light color is changed; this is the symbol that telling the headlight bulb will fail in not soon, and you should not hesitate to replace these H7 bulbs. Today, we can find different h7 bulbs on the market to improve the headlight performance. 

For this, you can rely on models such as the Yamada 6000 LM bulb, which has the lighting of 5000 kelvin, with which to obtain a white light to light the way quickly. If you prefer a more modern solution, Putco H7 NITRO-LUX PRO ZERO bulbs have a high brightness light, improved quality compared to conventional bulbs, and high durability, which reduces their need for maintenance and change.


What is the best H7 bulb on the market?

Maintaining adequate lighting when driving on the road is essential for our safety. The security that, besides, is worth taking care of properly, which helps us how easy it is to find an excellent and economical H7 bulb. An even easier job if you follow the advice of our guide to buying the best H7 lamp, with which you will know what to look for to find the perfect bulb for your safety.

Car Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Shopping guide

Bulb type

Today, in any comparison of H7 bulbs, we can find different types of H7 bulbs, including traditional halogen bulbs, xenon headlight bulbs, or the most advanced product, H7 led bulbs. Here we start by analyzing each of these technologies and their characteristics.

We start talking about traditional halogen models. We start talking about traditional halogen models. These bulbs work by the heating filament, which enclosed in a capsule filled with halogen gas, such as iodine or bromine.

To make it easy, these would be the traditional lamps, usually the cheapest in the market. As a first technological advance, we find the xenon bulbs, which use this gas in particular for its operation. Gas can give better lighting quality to the product, as well as a different and more pleasant tone of light.

Finally, we have as a novelty the LED-type bulbs. In this case, the bulbs do not carry lamps, but what they use are the modern LED lights that you probably already know.

These small lamps generate a higher amount of light, more stable, and for longer so that the need to change the bulbs reduce. At the same time, the quality of the lighting is also improved, giving you greater security on your trips.

Basic lighting characteristics

Although insight we only see the light, the truth is that the light generated by the different H7 bulbs that we have in the market have different parameters that modify their presence. It is something that visually can cost to appreciate, but that, luckily, is usually included in the various settings of the light bulbs.

Among these parameters, we have the temperature of the light, which can offer a cooler or warmer appearance. In practice, a warm light has a more significant presence of yellow in its appearance, while in the colder light, it tends to be bluer. In general, the views are around 4000K, neutral white at its exit, although there are variations for all kinds of tastes.

Another critical parameter is the lighting power. In this case, it is convenient that this power fits the characteristics of what the car requires since this power, many times, is fixed, and we must adjust to them.

By the way, do not forget to always bet on approved bulbs, and you must change both lamps at the same time, both for safety and to have no problems when passing through the ITV.

Car Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Durability and resistance of the bulb

As the last proposal, it is time to talk about the strength and strength of the bulb. A factor that influences how much it costs, given that the higher the resistance and the useful life, the less the need to change the bulbs will be with the consequent economic savings. Without forgetting the inconvenience that many times involves changing a light bulb, because of how complicated the vehicle manufacturers do.

The main factor that informs us of the durability of a bulb is its useful life. In some models, this lifespan of H7 bulb measured in hours; we can regard it as the total driving time. In some models, the lifespan of the bulb measured in kilometers.

By standardizing the measure, we can estimate the duration of the light bulb. However, in general, we can affirm that conventional halogen lights have the shortest useful life. This durability partly increased in xenon lights, which also improve the lighting system of the product.

And if we look for the most reliable and most durable option, we have LED bulbs, which manufacturers report, can last for about 100,000 hours, which almost reduces the need to have to change them for a long time.


What is the best H7 bulb of 2019?

When it comes to taking care of our safety behind the wheel, the truth is that every precaution is little. So, if you want to renew the lighting of your car, you are probably interested in knowing which is the best H7 bulb you can find. You can decide according to your personal preferences. In any case, given the large number of offers we have in the market, we give you some proposals taken from our list of the best H7 bulbs of 2019, in which we include a bit of everything.

Car Light Bulbs Buying Guide

Recommended Products


Putco H7 NITRO-LUX PRO ZERO LED bulbs are all you need to take your vehicle lighting one step ahead. These modern lights, duly approved, have a system based on advanced LED technology, which offers a higher amplitude of image radiation, also improving the brightness and quality of lighting.

This model generates 6500K white light under 36 watts for each bulb. Besides, the model has IP68 protection, which prevents moisture, dust, or shock from causing damage to the lamp and extends its useful life, which can reach approximately 100,000 hours of life.

Quality bulbs that do not require additional installation, incorporating all the necessary elements to leave the product adequately installed without complications.

Deciding which is the best H7 bulb of the moment is not a simple task, to help you in this process we will present the main advantages and disadvantages of the Putco H7 NITRO-LUX PRO ZERO, maybe it is the one you need.


Yamada 6000 LM

If you want to take the headlights of your equipment to the next level of technology, the H7 Yamadao 6000 LM LED bulbs offer you everything you need. This model has a power input of 30 watts, which generates a cold white light of 6000 kelvin, with which it is easier to illuminate any path better.

A light that does not change the tones of what you see, which makes it easier to detect ice on the road, among other elements. Regarding conventional halogen headlights, this model increases the lighting capacity by 60%, making your route safer.

A model with easy installation, since it includes the necessary elements to transform the energy and supply it to these lamps without the need for changes in the plant, being compatible with practically any vehicle on the market.

If you have not decided which H7 bulb to buy, an option that might interest you is the Yamada 6000 LM lamp. Below, you will find more information about its main features.

H7 Yamadao 6000 LM LED bulbs

Philips 12972 PRB1 Premium

If what your car needs is a traditional cut bulb, these Philips H7 bulbs are all you need. We speak of a conventional bulb, with the corresponding compatibility with almost any traditional lamp holder design, thus making the product assembly process more comfortable.

An improved design, which increases the light output by 30%, which makes it easier to see everything more clearly. A model that offers an intermediate light, in terms of its temperature, with a duration that is also longer than other models on the market, which allows you to save money by reducing the time of changing the bulbs, being even cheaper to buy.

Something that also influences its higher resistance to moisture, to keep the lamp in better condition. A fully approved model, by current regulations, to avoid problems when passing a technical inspection.

For some people, the Philips 12972 PRB1 Premium could be the best H7 bulb for 10 euros; for this reason, we recommend you take a look at the different properties it has.

Philips 12972 PRB1 Premium

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