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4 Useful Vehicle Lighting Maintenance Tips to You

car headlight

The lighting in your automobile must be maintained regularly as it is important for your safety. At night or when the weather condition is bad (fog, snowfall, or heavy rain), the lights on your vehicle allow others to see you. As for the indicators and reversing lights, they allow other motorists to anticipate your maneuvers to react as quickly as possible. The Highway regulation provides for severe penalties for non-compliance with lighting regulations.

The quality of the latest generation bulbs is much higher than what we could have known a few years ago. However, even with the arrival of LED lights, it is important to check the lighting of your car regularly.

car headlight
Start to check

Unfortunately, the bulbs of our cars are not eternal, and we must replace them from time to time. It is important to regularly check the state of its lighting to avoid possible inconvenience. Do not hesitate to seek assistance to test the proper functioning of all the lights as well as the signaling, position, dipped beam, high beam, reversing, stop, 9006 led bulb for fog lights, indicators.

Operate each of the controls, in particular the brake pedal, to test the brake lights. To see and be seen in all weathers, make sure that road users can anticipate your maneuvers, the lighting and signaling must be kept in perfect working order.

Do not neglect the cleanliness of your optics; they also contribute to the quality of your lighting.

Replace defective bulbs

If a bulb fails, replace it immediately. The front bulbs are most often accessible through the engine compartment. For rear lights, a single screw generally allows the entire block to dismantle and access to the light bulb to replace.

Aside from the turn signals and fog lights, the 3157 led bulb lights operate in pairs. It is advisable also to replace them in pairs to avoid the risk of failure of the older bulb.

car headlight
Well-aligned lights

If your lights appear to be poorly adjusted or aligned, avoid attempting a random adjustment, you may make the situation worse.

Often neglected, the car’s lighting and signaling must be checked regularly and maintained with care. When the weather conditions are not favorable, they guarantee your safety and that of others. Remember to check them as often as possible, especially if you do your maintenance yourself and rarely go through the workshop.

Tips to Buy Replacement Bulbs

There are several tips that I would like to raise for you who want to buy led bulbs for your vehicles, among them I will highlight some:
– The size of the bulb, the ideal bulb fits inside your headlight without the need to modify anything.

– Color of light, there is no point in buying a blue-colored bulb that cannot legalize.

For me, the two most important aspects of a good led bulb are the size of the bulb and its color.

The led bulbs that do not fit inside the headlight and the person who does the installation often need to make adjustments to the rear of the headlight.

Many led bulb models can have a longer bulb size. In some cases, the bulb would not fit inside the headlight without making holes or removing the rear cover of the headlight.

The Types and Sockets of Car Light Bulbs

Car Light Bulbs

There is a fairly wide variety of sockets that are used to install LED lighting and illumination light bulbs. But not all of them are universal.

Understand the socket of the application of LED auto light bulbs. It is imperative to understand the types of sockets and understand in which situations each of them used.

Car Light Bulbs

  • 912 Led Bulb. A fairly common base for cars. It serves to install LED-type auto light bulbs in the rear reverse bulb for illuminating the lighting for you to reverse your car at night. Offered in a wide range of colors, but most of the people buy white color, they are in high demand. These light bulbs have a T15 base. Most often, this base comes with SMD LEDs.
  • T10 or W5W. This base used for installation in position light bulbs, direction indicators, interior lighting, illumination of the luggage compartment, license plate, etc. light bulbs differed in the presence of two contacts for connection. It made based on various LEDs, including mixed ones. The type T10 base also includes Festoon light bulbs. These LEDs widely used in providing vehicle interior lighting. Each Festoon type light bulb has a connector to which any fist is connected to 31, 36, or 41 mm.
  • 1156 and 1157. A couple more common sockets for LED light bulbs. Most often used when installing diodes in dimensions, turn signals, and brake lights. Under the cap, 1156 used automotive single-contact light bulbs P21W. Light bulbs may vary in the location of the tabs for fixing. Under the cap, 1157 fit light bulbs P21 and 5W. They are already two-contact, all of their series are analogs of single-contact light bulbs. Used in the rear brake lights. SMD diodes and super bright light bulbs use as a light source.
  • H1, H3, H4, HB3, HB4, H7, H11. Such sockets actively used when equipping LED headlight bulbs. Each base has its distinctive features and may vary depending on the particular vehicle. Therefore, when replacing such light bulbs, the motorist is required to know which particular base is relevant for his vehicle. Another thing to consider is the need for a trick.

Car Light Bulbs

Modern LED light bulbs are also commonly divided into single-beam and double-beam. The first category includes sockets of the type H1, H3, H7, H8, H11, etc. light bulbs with two beams or double beam have sockets H4, H13, and others.

To make it easier for the motorist to choose the right LED for his car, it is recommended to look into the technical documentation and study the operation manual. If necessary, you can always consult a car led light specialist ( or consult a representative of an authorized dealer.

The Varieties and Application of Car Light Bulbs

Car Light Bulbs

Manufacturers offer an extensive range of bulbs based on LEDs or LED technology. They differ among themselves in the manufacturer, build quality, power, dimensions, design features, etc.

If we talk about cars, but in the design of the car, there are various places and socles where you can install the brightest or most economical LED bulbs. Before you purchase a light bulb, it is important to understand what exactly you need for each specific situation.

The answer to the question of which LED bulbs will be better to buy in a particular situation for a car depends on the tasks and the specific situation. The same bulbs cannot use in backup light and headlight. Here, different light bulbs with corresponding characteristics and capabilities are required.

Car Light Bulbs

The Varieties of Car Light Bulbs

Several principles and signs distinguish LED bulbs. Namely:

  • Bulb base type;
  • Where to use;
  • Type of LED;
  • Bulb class (from economy to premium).

Manufacturers use various LEDs and circuits based on LEDs. If you want to get the most brightly shining LED bulbs for various cars, then several options of light bulbs like Cree, SMD, or COB are applied. Such diodes provide the brightest glow, which allows you to install them in the head optics, fog, etc.

The design of many LED bulbs provides an additional cooler that provides active cooling of the radiator.

Output type LEDs and SMD light bulbs are most often used to provide interior illumination, are installed as dimensions, brake lights mounted to illuminate the dashboard, etc. These are special diodes to the interior that do not differ in excessively bright light but guarantee stability, efficiency, and long service life.

Car Light Bulbs

The Application of Car Light Bulbs

Several types of LEDs can be distinguished, depending on their area of ​​application relative to vehicles.

  • Car Low Beam headlight bulbs. They are designed to provide highly efficient lighting of the roadway, surpassing halogen analogs in these parameters. They do not emit yellowishly, but purer light.
  • High beam headlight bulbs. Like a light bulb for providing long-distance illumination of the road, LEDs are excellent. The design provides for a miniature LED panel, which without any problems, placed in the reflector used on modern vehicles.
  • The third type is special signal bulbs and sidelights. Their distinguishing feature is low power consumption with high energy efficiency. Such lights are visible in daylight conditions, that is, during daylight hours, and they are also well visible at night or in poor lighting conditions.
  • Fog bulbs. They characterized by increased energy efficiency against the background of halogen analogs. They require less electricity from the on-board network while providing clean and high-quality light for a long operational period.
  • LEDs for the interior. The same tapes based on LED technology are actively used to decorate the interior of a car because they can provide a wide RGB spectrum of glow. Also, LEDs can provide illumination of the dashboard, control buttons, etc.

When choosing LED bulbs for your vehicle, you should pay special attention to the base. Normal 921 led bulb is used on the car rear reverse light, while 9007 led bulbs used on car headlight for high low beams. Regard to the Types of car bulbs, you can refer to this article:

Top 9004 Led Bulbs Worth Buying on the Market

9004 Led Bulbs

The correct and efficient operation of vehicle lighting is of utmost importance. Far from the last role is played by the type of light bulbs used. And recently, there has been an active transition not only to car owners but also to automakers themselves to LED optics.

Many cars that do not even belong to the segment of expensive models already offered from the factory with a set of headlights based on LED light bulbs. They have several advantages, although they have some disadvantages.

Even if the car from the factory does not equip with such Led lights, this does not prevent the car owner from switching to standard or modern halogen light bulbs, xenon or incandescent bulbs to more modern and efficient LED bulbs.

9004 Led Bulbs

Top 9004 Led Bulbs on the Market

In the last subcategory of the rating, the top of the best-LED light bulbs for passenger cars and not only with a base 9004 presented.

Such socles used for reflective headlights. One spiral is responsible for the dipped beam, and the second for the main beam. They used the work of head automotive optics.

– M3 9004 LED Bulb. A very popular model in the United States market. M3 is due to the low cost and high enough performance. We are talking about a simple set consisting of 2 light bulbs with a power of 40 W each and a power of 4000 lumens. This result is an excellent alternative to any halogen. One light bulb immediately includes eight pieces of ZES LEDs. Led lights provide high efficiency under any conditions. A fan and an aluminum radiator built into the case, which guarantees high-quality cooling.

(Source Website:

M3 9004 LED Bulb

– IPF 9004 Led Bulb. Imported analog of the previous kit, but with an even more attractive price tag. This IPF is a pair of LED light bulbs enclosed in a rugged housing. The Led light provides high-quality operation of the main beam headlights, having a brightness of 3800 lumens. In addition to the aluminum case, it is worth noting the presence of a ventilation system. The set characterized by good resistance to shock and other loads. It is important to make the correct settings. Otherwise, there is a risk of dazzling oncoming traffic.

(Source Website:

IPF 9004 Led Bulb

– Carid G8 LED. A set of LEDs characterized by high brightness and rich, luminous flux. It does not leave blind spots, excellently manifests itself in night driving conditions. The manufacturer has provided a long service life, which is 50 thousand hours for each diode. The case is protected, equipped with a sophisticated cooling system.

(Source Website:

Carid G8 LED.

– Philips X-Treme Ultion. And again, this manufacturer, but already with light bulbs for the base 9004. A much more expensive kit compared to previous options. At the same time, the price is fully consistent with everything that the consumer receives for this money. Excellent brightness indicators, the ability to create a project template, adjusting the projection without spots. Objectively, one of the best kits that can install for the low and high beam. But there is a problem of incompatibility with some models of vehicles.

(Source Website:

Philips X-Treme Ultion

Before switching to cars on LED optics, it is worth considering some legal points. The legislation of the Russian Federation provides that a driver may be deprived of their rights for 6-12 months if a variation of the lighting Led light that is not appropriate for the type of headlights or reflector installed on his vehicle.

When buying LEDs, be sure to take only those Led lights that emit white. Also, pay attention to the presence of HCR or HR markings. They say that from the factory, it is possible to use LEDs on your vehicle.

When choosing high-quality LEDs, pay particular attention to compatibility issues. To do this, select the Led light according to the socle, design features, and sizes. Make sure that such Led lights are approved for use, and do not act as a cheap Chinese fake. If you choose between Cree and CSP diodes, the latter is better in practice, although the former is more affordable.

The Best H8 Led Bulbs in 2019

H8 Led Bulbs

Among the most popular socles rightly include H4, H7, and H11. It is they who are most often interested in motorists, and many manufacturers are in a hurry to offer their options in these categories.
Therefore, in the current rating among LED car bulbs, the best representatives were collected in three categories according to the type of cap. The selection of candidates was carried out based on feedback from direct consumers, the opinion of specialized specialists who are involved in the installation and maintenance of optics in motor vehicles.
According to relying only on ratings, it is impossible to say which bulbs will be better and more correct to buy for your car, since LED bulbs do not always and not in all situations act as optimal and allowed solutions. First, consider the possibility and legality of such an installation.
If diodes with the indicated socles H4, H7 or H11 are suitable for your vehicle, then be sure to study the rating of the best-LED bulbs, which you can later purchase and install on your car. With the existing disadvantages, LED bulbs are ready to offer an extensive list of advantages.

H8 Led Bulbs

Best bulbs with the H8 base

A similar base has been widely used in the work of head bulbs, as well as in foglights. In some situations, it can use as part of near lensed lighting.
According to specialists and ordinary owners of passenger cars, the best-LED car bulbs using the H8 base currently represented by the following models:

  • X-Treme Ultinon from Philips distinguished by an intense beam, capable of increasing power by an impressive 200%. The glow temperature is 6000 K, Luxeon technology is used, which allows you to create a white beam that is as close as possible to the characteristics of daylight. The model mainly used for headlight operation. Namely, far, near, and additional distant. (Produce Source:

X-Treme Ultinon

  • Atom-E H8 led bulb from LedoAuto. If you are counting on a relatively small budget, you should take a closer look at this model. At a reasonable cost, the consumer receives bright radiation, customization options, which the vast majority of LED bulbs do not have in this price category. There is a cooling system, a waterproof surface, an extremely simple interface for installation. But compatibility can cause problems on some cars. After a long service life, the flicker begins. (Produce Source:

Atom-E H8 led bulb

  • X2 Series H8 led bulb manufactured by IPF. Good LEDs generate pure white light. The diodes do not heat up, due to the presence of a built-in cooling radiator capable of continuous operation for 20 thousand hours. Installation on any vehicle takes a matter of minutes. Japanese experts make the bulk of the components of the model. Lenses made based on fiber optics. The model is available with two lighting options and can be 5100 or 4200K. As a result of long-term operation, flicker begins, and the brightness indicators of the glowing fall. (Produce Source:

X2 Series H8 led bulb

Proven and well-proven bulbs. If you are interested in the best and most high-quality LED bulbs for your car that have an H8 base, be sure to pay attention to the presented bulbs.

Why do We Need LED bulbs for Cars?

LED bulbs for Cars

In matters of replacing, the main attention usually paid to the system of warning lights of the car. This result is not surprising, because the incandescent practice is of poor quality, often fail and create a lot of problems for the motorist. Another thing is the LED bulbs on cars. They are reliable, have a bright glow, have the maximum resource, and other positive qualities. All that remains is the question of how to choose the necessary products so that they fit the connector, dimensions, and quality.

LED bulbs for Cars

Why do we need LED bulbs for cars?

To begin with, decide what goals you are pursuing when replacing incandescent bulbs with LEDs. Some motorists dream of decorating the car. Others try to save battery power. The third just got tired of changing burned out bulbs and so on. There are many options, but the main reasons are always associated with the advantages of LED bulbs. There are several of them:

  • They produce more lighting per watt of power. As a result, the efficiency of each particular bulb is much higher;
  • LEDs can work without heating up, which incandescent bulbs cannot boast. It is enough to recall several Chinese cars in which plastic melts from ordinary bulbs (for example, in sidelights);
  • LED bulbs for cars can significantly change the appearance of the car for the better. Simply replacing an 1156 led bulb in your car, they will look bright, modern and are able to decorate even a domestic car;
  • with the help of new products, the quality of lighting is improved, and the visibility of the light lights of your car to other participants in the movement improves;
  • LEDs “live” much longer than ordinary incandescent bulbs and have better resistance to vibration;
  • modern bulbs have a moisture-proof housing that eliminates any negative effects of moisture;
  • Improved response characteristics contribute to the LED being lit 0.2-0.3 seconds earlier than a conventional incandescent bulb. Taking an 1157 led bulb for turn signal light, this can protect against a collision with another car.

LED bulbs for Cars

LED Bulbs for a Car: Benefit or Harm?

With the advantages and features of the choice of modern sources, we figured out. But how safe are the LEDs for the eyes? There is one interesting study. In it, Spanish experts concluded that prolonged exposure to LED light could cause blindness. This result explained by the peculiarity of the glow of modern bulbs, which is a special way that affects the retina and can damage it.
But these studies were conducted not on an automobile, but household LEDs. As for the less powerful light sources in cars, their effect on the human eye is so miserable that it can even ignore.
There are more serious points that make you abandon the alterations. First of all, this is the price. On average, a good LED will cost 20-30 times more expensive than a standard incandescent bulb, and sometimes even more. So for many motorists, the initial cost is too high. Also, LEDs must provide a special operating current. In some cases, a resistor may solve the problem. In more complex situations, you can not do without additional electronics – current sources.
The installation of LED bulbs on the car is no big deal. All that required you to decide on the necessary size, analyze your budget, and carefully consider the choice of LEDs. Remember that new light bulbs must be suitable for the cap, dimensions, and rated current.

What are the Advantages of 194 Led Car Interior Lights?

Led Car Interior Lights

Today, the car’s 194 LED bulbs have begun to be in great demand, which not only serves for a long time but also how it has been proven to prevent the risk of getting into a traffic accident. Therefore, if you are an avid car enthusiast, and at the same time, the condition of your car and confidence in the driver’s seat are important for you, you should pay attention to LED products. These products have long replaced by conventional light bulbs and have several positive advantages compared to the old versions of bulbs used at that time in cars.

Led Car Interior Lights

The Advantages of Led Car Lights

As you know, these products manufactured according to the latest developments using modern LED technology. That is why this product is several times superior to standard products of this type with a filament. And this is confirmed with confidence by many motorists who use this type of product.
And, so what are the main advantages of these products, and why are they much better than usual? The main positive aspects of this product include:
1. low power consumption;
2. long-term use (about 20,000 hours, since the life of ordinary lamas, is 5,000 hours);
3. The brightness of these products is much higher than in ordinary;
4. high vibration and shock resistance;
5. environmentally friendly;
6. have fire safety.
Indicated by the obvious advantages of such products, they guarantee a confident use of the car and dozens of times reduce the risk of any traffic accident expensive at night. For these reasons, most modern car manufacturers are trying to use just such products, and motorists change ordinary bulbs to LED ones.

You can easily buy T10 led bulbs in this store. They have a wide range of various products. And you can get the products at a low MOQ and reasonable price.

Will Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs in Soon?

Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs

In the household, the LED is already commonplace. In an automobile, The situation is completely different. Audi, BMW, and Mercedes-Benz have a competition for the best-LED headlights in recent years. But the vehicles like VW Golf still come from the factory with halogen lamps.

Now we can see some car lighting solution companies develop led headlight conversion kits. This kind of product designed according to how halogen filament emitting. Theoretically, they work with reflector headlight. Because with a headlight, the light source is precisely matched to the lenses and reflectors, so that the light arrives exactly where it belongs on the street. It requires some tricks to bring a punctiform light source such as the LED to the same radiation behavior as a uniformly transmitting in all directions lamp. This is taken into account during the design of the LED headlight. Another challenge is that LEDs on the backside get hot, so the heat has to be dissipated differently. In addition, the lower voltage LED requires a driver, which must be accommodated in a tight space.


The Advantage of Led Car Lights

LEDs in headlamps are not only more durable, but they also continue to shine and their whiter light ensures that contrasts are better perceived. The LED lamps could even shorten the braking distance of the following vehicle. The brake light reacts faster, so the subsequent driver can react earlier.

Led Headlight Bulb Replace Halogen Bulbs

Is There ECE Approved Led Headlight Conversion Kit?

Headlights, brake lights and everything that lights up on the car belongs to the “lighting equipment”. In order for these devices to be installed on a car, they are generally type-approved in connection with the associated bulbs. Subsequent changes to this lighting equipment will invalidate this type of approval. So it is impossible to find the true ECE Approved led headlight because they are required to get verified with the headlamp.


How can You Tell if a 9004 Led Bulb is Safe for traffic? (Not Legal, Just Safe)

1, After installing 9004 led headlight bulb, your headlight should emit a standard light beam pattern with a clear cut-off line. The led headlight should shine the light just like the original bulb with hotspot and no added glare. Hotspot means stronger lighting in the center so the lighting can reach a far distance.

2, The light beam should be wider as well. Or while you are driving at night, Pedestrians suddenly ran out from both sides of the road, you need to notice quickly and brake your car for avoiding a serious accident.

3, The led headlight bulb should have a good cooling system. Or while it fails in the headlamp, it is possible to burn your headlamp.

What Types of H13 Bulbs You Can Buy?

H13 bulbs

The H13 bulbs manufacturers offer various H13 bulbs with different compromises for our selection. Some of them are high light output, while some of them have a longer lifespan. But most of the standard H13 bulb is designed for ordinary drivers who want care about the price and want a standard low-cost H13 bulb for using. The H13 bulbs have a lifespan of 2 to 3 years at an average mileage and depending on the number of night driving.

With the Longlife bulbs, the driver benefits from extended service life. The manufacturers promise an operating time of 1000 to 1200 hours. However, the actual useful life depends on the type of use. Frequent turning on and off causes voltage spikes that cause premature fatigue of the filament. The driver should, therefore, leave the headlights on when driving on sections with frequent changes of light and dark, such as when driving in several successive tunnels.

H13 bulbs

For drivers with high demands on the light output of their H13 bulbs, manufacturers have models with designations such as Racing Vision and Nightbreaker on offer. These high-performance lamps represent the current state of halogen bulb technology but have a lower operating time. With average driving performance, the driver has to expect an annual change of the lamps. However, if we want maximum safety and do not want to forego a brilliant illumination of the road, we should opt for the uprated H13 lights. Achieves by the internal pressure of up to 13 bar, the higher light output is possible to produce by H13 bulbs, which are up to 150% brighter than conventional H13 bulbs.

If you are not sure what headlight bulb type installed in your car, you can find the information from your car manual or find it on Philips’s official website:

H13 bulbs

Alternatives to H13 Standard Halogen Bulb

With halogen light in the form of H13 bulbs, the driver is reasonably priced and safe on the road. In most modern vehicles, modern H13 bulbs are installed instead of the formerly usual H4 lights, which score with high luminosity and an uncompromising design. In contrast to H4 bulbs with two incandescent filaments, each H13 bulb housed in a separate reflector, the model of which is consistently designed to produce dipped or high beam.

The manufacturers of vehicle lighting, therefore, offer an unusually large portfolio of H13 bulbs. Nevertheless, many drivers want a conversion to LED bulbs or vehicle lighting with image-worthy xenon bulbs. A retrofitting to bi-xenon projector headlight is generally not possible due to the high costs on product and installation. For another alternative product, H13 led bulb is getting popular since 2017, and many F150 have installed H13 led headlight bulbs on the street. Some of them are good while some of the vehicles produce terrible light beam while using a led headlight. Bad quality led headlight can produce glare lights similar to the hid bulb and required a projector to focus the light beam. Luckily, some retailers are offering legal LED conversion kits for a few vehicle models, which are significantly more expensive.

The cheapest alternative for vehicles with H13 bulbs is the purchase of halogen bulbs, which mimic the light character of LED and HID light. Although the driver does not benefit from the increased light output with these bulbs, he effectively puts himself in the spotlight. The cool light color of these bulbs may also be desirable for psychological reasons since bluish light prevents the risk of fatigue.

What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs?

What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs

Before purchasing new bulbs for the headlamps, check whether the reflectors accommodate H3 bulbs or designed for other halogen bulbs with just one filament. The sockets of H1 lamps, H7 lamps, and H11 bulbs are not compatible with the plugs for H3 led bulb. Only lights that intend for the respective vehicle model may use.


Know the Difference

In the search for the right lamp, the customer confronts with advertising terms of the manufacturers. Designations such as Nightbreaker and Xtreme Vision sound pithy but say little about the properties and qualities of the H3 bulbs. A comparison of the technical data helps even more. What are the values ​​for illuminance, luminance, lumen, and color temperature? We don’t know this data. Here I will suggest you check some product review videos on Youtube, and they will test and make a comparison so we can understand their difference.

What Should I Know When Buying H3 Bulbs

Choose the Performance or Lifespan

Some H3 bulbs offer a particularly long operating time, while others advertise with higher luminosity. For which one should the driver decide? It depends on personal preferences. The age of the driver and the driving style also play a role in the decision. If you value the maximum economy, you can use Longlife H3 bulbs. The long lifetime of Longlife lamps makes them particularly economical. H3 high-performance bulbs shine up to 150% brighter than conventional H3 bulbs. The gain in light and safety pay for with slightly shorter service life. High-intensity H3 bulbs recommend for older drivers and drivers with a sporty driving style.


Buy A Pair and Change A Pair

H3 bulbs usually sell in pairs. If you want to renew the low beam and the high beam in your vehicle, you need four H3 bulbs and therefore have to buy two kits. As the low beam is used more frequently in road traffic, the H3 bulbs in these reflectors are more likely to fail. H3 bulbs must always change in pairs. If, for example, the lamp in the left reflector of the dipped beam fails, the bulb in the right reflector should also be changed. In this way, the driver benefited from two new lamps, which throw an identical light in the same light color.